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Open the treasure trove and experience the beauty of hindustani music, where gurus and shishyas come together to create a world of living and meditative music.


Explore the universe of Carnatic music through thematically presented programmes, albums and a comprehensive base of artistes, composers, ragas and more….


A rich range of devotional and spiritual content, including curated music, harikathas, discourses, information on various deities, and a lot more..

Music on RadioWeb

is more than just a playlist

The channels on RadioWeb offer thematically presented music in the form of programmes that are often related to events, people and places associated with the music. These are put together by people who understand the music. On RadioWeb Carnatic and Hindustani , the programmes are presented by RJs who host the show and provide information on, and context to, the music. You can also listen to the music of an artiste or a deity in a back-to-back radio format, or listen from a large selection of albums

How RadioWeb is different

Rich Content

RadioWeb is not just another music streaming website. it offers exclusively curated shows.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

Listen to programmes at a time convenient to you. There is no need to be tied to the clock anymore!

Music that’s legal

We believe that respecting the rights of content owners is one of the necessities to vibrant music ecosystem.