Hyderabad Brothers

The Hyderabad Brothers, D. Raghavachari and D. Seshachari, are a Carnatic music singing duo and are one among the most popular duo vocalists in Indian Classical Carnatic music.

Seshachari and Ragavachari belong to a family of traditional classical musicians.They got their initial formal training from their father Daroor Ratnamacharyulu. Their mother D. Sulochana Devi was also a carnatic classical musician..

Sri Seshachari’s is known for his more robust, deep and resonant singing, and Raghavachary’s rendition is known to be mellow and soft in comparison.Hyderabad Brothers themselves have an appeal for connoisseurs for their wonderfully synchronised singing and individual styles which complement each other perfectly. Their grip over the shruti, laya and sahitya bhava is known to be remarkable and their repertoire wide and varied. Their concerts are often considered imaginative and full of vigor. Their musical skills and style are often compared to that of the legendary Alathur Brothers by their fans. Hyderabad Brothers have a distinct style of musical rendition and voice timber which mutually blends well with each other leaving a soothing impact on the listeners.
Hyderabad Brothers over the years have performed in various reputed musical forums in India including All India Radio and Doordarshan. They have also participated in AIR Sangeetha Sammelan, Spirit of Unity Concerts, Central Production Centre, Television and Doordashan National Network Programs. Besides numerous performances in India, they have also performed in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and Doha.


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