Malladi Brothers

The Malladi Brothers, Sreeramprasad and Ravikumar, are among the foremost vocal duos in Carnatic music today.

They started their music education under Malladi Srirammurthy and Malladi Suri Babu, their grandfather and father respectively. Coming from the Pinakapani school and having learnt from Nedunuri Krishnamurthy and from Voleti Venkateswarulu, they have a rich pathantaram. Their music has a distinct freshness in both content and approach, and their wide repertoire of compositions and their wonderfully consonant voices contribute immensely to this.

They follow a concert paddhati that gives equal importance to compositional and improvisational aspects of music. They have a large repertoire of compositions of a range of composers, and keep adding to it, continually introducing new songs in their concerts.

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