Mysore Nagamani Srinath

Mysore Nagamani Srinath is a multifaceted personality - musician, teacher, composer, author and director.

Her vibrant melodious voice, discerning bias for shruti, revealing manodharma blended with orthodoxy, vividly cogent “tala”, artistry to communicate rasa in all aspects of cutcheri art covering raga alapana, song rendition, neraval and swara singing, the unusual combination of extraordinary birka felicity with the silken Carnatic music asaivu and gamaka graces make each of her concerts a unique experience.

She is a disciple of Ramnad Krishnan, and having learnt from him in the gurukula system, she imbibed much of his vast knowledge and unique style in a short span of time.

She is actively involved in teaching music and has been teaching for more than three decades to students in India and across the world over the Internet.

As the Professor and Head of the departments of music at Maharani’s Arts College at Mysore and Bangalore, and as the guru and mentor for a number of musicians, she has trained a generation of aspiring musicians.
She has also conducted numerous lecture demonstrations and music workshops to train music teachers in methodologies of teaching.

She has authored many articles and treatises on music themes. She has published extensively with some of her notable books being those on Shamashastri, Veena Kuppaiyer and Thiruvatiyur Tyagaiyer

She has also composed numerous varnas, tillanas and kritis in rare and difficult ragas. She has more than 200 compositions in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Sanskrit to her credit. Many musicians render her compositions and many dancers have choreographed for her tillanas.

She has directed many theme-based features combining music, dance and drama such as Haridasa Spandana” and “Haridasa Deepti” based on Haridasa compositions, “Bhakti Kampana” on Vachana Sahitya, “Tyagaraja Vaibhava” on Tyagaraja compositions, “Sanathana Saarathi” a multi-linguistic feature on Lord Krishna, “Sahyadri Inda Chamundiya Varage” on the complete works of rashtrakavi Kuvempu, “Kavi Kavya Deepti” a magnum opus of a ten centuries of Kannada literature, “Karnataka Vaibhava” on the heritage of Karnataka state are some of her popular features.

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