R K Srikantan

R K Srikantan is identifiably the senior-most and cherished vocalist in Carnatic Music from Karnataka. His music is marked by his traditional training and leaves even a learner enriched with the experience that stems from his singing. Shaped by the greats like Veene Subbanna, Musiri Subramania Iyer and Semmangudi, the essence of the music of these stalwarts can be traced in R K Srikantan's style. Known for his adherence to shruti with perfect emphasis on sahitya and bhaava, R K Srikantan's music is holistic and thoroughly appreciated by a commoner and also a connoisseur.

R K Srikantan hails from Rudrapatnam, the cradle of music in Karnataka. He belongs to a family which has been steeped in music for nearly two centuries, and the music of this nonagenarian reflects the weight of his tradition. Even in his nineties, R K Srikantan's voice retains its captivating sonority. The meticulousness of his personality permeates his music in both the compositions and in the improvisations. R K Srikantan has also been at the forefront of a movement to popularize the compositions of the Haridasas, and he has tuned quite a few of their compositions, which have come to be accepted as the standard versions.

Image courtesy : the hindu

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