Suguna Varadachari

You hear Suguna Varadachari's story, and you think of people such as Voleti Venkateswarulu and M D Ramanathan. You hear the constant strain of music and the intense focus on it without the adjoining stress of concert performance.

Suguna Varadachari remained more or less an unknown quantity for a long time, and even today is a name more for the connoisseurs - and that's a pity. Her music has that quality of self-assuredness and quiet ease about it that probably arises out of that continued focus on the music rather than performance.

A student of a number of masters of the genre such as P K Rajagopala Iyer, Kalpakam Swaminathan, A S Panchapakesa Iyer, Musiri Subramania Iyer, Mudicondan Venkatrama Iyer, and T Brinda, Suguna Varadachari epitomises triumph in the face of adversity. With the inspiration of tradition through her gurus and without the distraction of performance, it must have been easier to get to and understand the soul of what she was pursuing. And her music reflects this.

Her duo concerts with her namesake Suguna Purushottaman are unfailingly beautiful experiences, highlighting the fact that the essence and joy of music lies ultimately in its experience

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