Program Category Program Play Date
Selections Ragamalika

A selection of ragamalika compositions and shlokas by different composers.

16-Nov 2019
Selections Instrumental Hour

One hour of a selection of instrumental music.

16-Nov 2019
Kutcheri Saraswati Vidyardhi

A concert by the senior musician, researcher and experimenter.

15-Nov 2019
Artist Highlight Mysore V Ramarathnam

A profile of the musician, author, teacher and composer in connection with his death anniversary on Nov 15.

15-Nov 2019
Artist Highlight K V Narayanaswamy

An hour of music by the master of bhava, in connection with his birth anniversary on November 15.

15-Nov 2019
Colours of a Raga Raga Abhogi

An elegant raga and a janya of the 22nd melakarta, Kharaharapriya.

14-Nov 2019
Composer Showcase Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar

A feature on the composer's Chamundeshwari kritis in connection with his birth anniversary on November 15.

14-Nov 2019
Feature Bani in Carnatic Music

There are many well known musical styles in both vocal and instrumental music. Featuring a few vocal banis.

12-Nov 2019
One Raga One Kriti Raga Kalyani

O S Thiagarajan sings Swarna Venkatesha Dikshitar's composition in an unusual tala.

12-Nov 2019
Feature Trinity - Common Ragas 5

Trinity - Part 5 of the series featuring the 28 ragas that are common to the trinity of composers

09-Nov 2019