Program Category Program Play Date
One Raga One Kriti Raga Sunadavinodini

In connection with M Balamuralikrishna's birth anniversary on July 6, a detailed rendition of Mysore Vasudevacharya's composition.

18-Apr 2018
Feature Trinity

Songs of the Trinity in the ragas Shuddha Saveri, Bhairavi, Saveri and Kalyani.

14-Apr 2018
Selections Kalpana Swara

Renditions in ragas Gaula, Athana, Purnashadjam, Mohanakalyani and Simhendra Madhyamam.

14-Apr 2018
Selections Popular Compositions

A selection of a few popular compositions.

14-Apr 2018
Kshetra Sringeri

This programme features songs by various composers, on the deities at Sringeri.

14-Apr 2018
Artist Highlight S Sowmya

An hour of music presented by S Sowmya in connection with her birthday on April 16.

14-Apr 2018
Composer Showcase Swathi Thirunal

A selection of compositions of the royal composer in connection with his birth anniversary on April 16.

14-Apr 2018
Kutcheri Carnatica Brothers

A concert by the senior duo in Carnatic music, K N Shashikiran & Chitraveena Ganesh.

12-Apr 2018
Artist Highlight S Balachander

Music of the multifaceted genius in connection with his death anniversary on April 13.

12-Apr 2018
RTP Raga Kaanada

S Sowmya sings an RTP in Raga Kaanada with a pallavi on Narada.

12-Apr 2018