Program Category Program Play Date
Colours of a Raga Ananda Bhairavi - Part 2

Ananda Bhairavi - An ancient raga with folk origins. Part 2 of the programme on the raga.

16-Aug 2017
Composer Showcase Sadashiva Brahmendra

A feature on the life and works of the poet philosopher Sadashiva Brahmendra.

15-Aug 2017
Composer Showcase Koteeswara Iyer

A selection from Kandha Gaanaamudham, the composer's suite of Melakarta kritis.

15-Aug 2017
Composer Showcase Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar

Compositions of the musician, composer and teacher in connection with his birth anniversary on August 16.

15-Aug 2017
One Raga One Kriti Raga Vachaspati

Savitha Narasimhan sings the beautiful Swati Tirunal kriti Paahi Jagajjanani in Raga Vachaspati.

15-Aug 2017
Artist Highlight Kalpakam Swaminathan

Music of the reputed vainika and teacher in connection with her birth anniversary on August 15.

12-Aug 2017
Composer Showcase Trinity - Laya

Examples of the Trinity's use of laya, the underlying rhythmic principle in a composition.

12-Aug 2017
Feature Aspects of Kishna - Balakrishna

Songs in praise of the lovable young Krishna in connection with Janmashtami on August 14.

12-Aug 2017
Selections Alapana

Renditions with alapanas in the ragas Sahana, Begada, Dhanyasi and Madhyamavati.

12-Aug 2017
Artist Highlight Rama Varma

An hour of music featuring the vocalist and vainika in connection with his birthday on August 13.

12-Aug 2017