Program Category Program Play Date
Colours of a Raga Hamirkalyani

A lilting raga with a languid air, borrowed from Hindustani music.

24-Apr 2019
One Raga One Kriti Raga Todi

Tanjavur S Kalyanaraman sings Ninne Nammi Naanu Sadaa, Syama Sastri's masterpiece in Raga Todi.

24-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight M D Ramanathan

Music of this unique musician, including two of his compositions in connection with his death anniversary.

24-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight K Sivaprasad

An hour of music by the whistle wizard in connection with his birthday on April 26.

24-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight T H Subash Chandran

An hour of music involving the percussion master in connection with his birthday on April 25.

24-Apr 2019
Feature Aspects - Subrahmanya

Subrahmanya, the six-faced god, has several names indicating his qualities.

22-Apr 2019
Composer Showcase Syama Sastri

A selection, including a rare varnam in a rare tala, in connection with the composer's birth anniversary.

22-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight Lalgudi G Jayaraman

An hour of music by the master violinist, in connection with his death anniversary on April 22.

22-Apr 2019
Selections Alapana

Songs with alapana in ragas Durbar, Kedaragaula, Bhavapriya and Vasanta.

22-Apr 2019
Instrumental Hour Instrumental Hour

An hour of instrumental music with renditions on the violin, electronic keyboard, veena and flute.

21-Apr 2019