Program Category Program Play Date
Album of the Day Manohari Mala

Thematic album on various Manohari ragas

28-Apr 2017
Composer Showcase Kshetragna

A feature of the life and works of the father of the padam.

27-Apr 2017
RTP Raga Kannada

The Carnatica Brothers sing a Ragam Tanam Pallavi in a relatively rare raga.

27-Apr 2017
Artist Highlight M D Ramanathan

The music of the one-and-only MDR, whose death anniversary falls on April 27.

27-Apr 2017
Colours of a Raga Behag

The colourful and romantic bhashanga raga borrowed from Hindustani music.

27-Apr 2017
Album of the Day Kanda Ganamutham - Vol 1

72 Melakarta compositions of Koteeswara Iyer by S Rajam

27-Apr 2017
Composer Showcase Purandara Dasa

An hour of compositions of the preeminent among the Haridasas.

26-Apr 2017
One Raga One Kriti Raga Saveri

The composition, Anjaneya Raghurama Doota, presented by the senior musician.

26-Apr 2017
Album of the Day Classical Vocal - Dr M L Vasanthakumari

Classical Vocal by M L Vasanthakumari

26-Apr 2017
Album of the Day Serene Moments

A selection of songs by the Priya Sisters

25-Apr 2017