Program Category Program Play Date
Artist Highlight S Sowmya

An hour of music of the versatile musician in connection with her birthday on April 16.

14-Apr 2019
Composer Showcase Swathi Thirunal

A selection from the royal composer of Travancore in connection with his birth anniversary on April 16.

14-Apr 2019
Kshetra Sabarimala

A few compositions dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in connection with Makara Vilakku on January 15.

14-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight Sheik Chinna Moulana

An hour of music by the Nadaswaram maestro in connection with his death anniversary on April 13.

12-Apr 2019
Kutcheri S Balachander

A concert of Tyagaraja kritis by the veena maestro.

12-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight Haridwaramangalam A K Palanivel

A programme featuring the tavil vidwan in connection with his birthday on April 10.

12-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight Nagamani Srinath

An hour of music of the musician and composer in connection with her birthday on April 12.

12-Apr 2019
One Raga One Kriti Raga Kedaragaula

An elaboration of Raga Kedaragaula by V R Dileep Kumar. The composition is Tulasi Bilva Mallikaadhi of Tyagaraja.

12-Apr 2019
Colours of a Raga Athana - Part 1

A majestic raga with a range of feeling, Athana is bhashanga and has evolved and changed over the ages.

12-Apr 2019
Composer Showcase Tyagaraja - Favourite Kritis

The structure of many of Tyagaraja's songs make them melodious and memorable.

07-Apr 2019