Program Category Program Play Date
One Raga One Kriti Raga Shankarabharanam

Suguna Varadachari sings a rare composition in the king of ragas.

04-Oct 2017
Feature Ramayana

Songs that describe events from the Ramayana in connection with Valmiki Jayanti on Oct 5.

04-Oct 2017
Artist Highlight R K Shriramkumar

A feature focusing on the violinist R K Sriramkumar, in connection with his birthday on October 4.

04-Oct 2017
Composer Showcase Muthuswami Dikshitar

Compositions of Dikshitar in the ragas of the Asampoorna Mela raga system.

30-Sep 2017
Selections Neraval

A selection of renditions with neraval sections.

30-Sep 2017
Selections Kalpana Swaras

Renditions including ragas Shankarabharanam, Mohana Kalyani and Pantuvarali.

30-Sep 2017
Composer Showcase Composers & Indian Independence

A feature presenting composers who were involved in the Indian Independence Movement.

30-Sep 2017
Feature Duos in Carnatic Music

This feature presents some artistes who have become recognized for their performances as duos.

30-Sep 2017
Selections Popular Compositions

A selection of a few evergreen classical compositions.

30-Sep 2017
Kutcheri Madurai Somu

A concert by the individual and entertaining Madurai S Somasundaram.

28-Sep 2017