Program Category Program Play Date
Album of the Day Vijayaambike

Veena Selection by E Gaayathri

08-Mar 2017
Feature Ragas & Places

A few ragas have names that have associations with places in India and outside.

07-Mar 2017
One Raga One Kriti Raga Kalyani

Vasuda Kesav presents Purandara Dasa's composition, Nambikkettavar Illavo in Raga Kalyani

07-Mar 2017
Feature Trinity

Compositions of the Trinity in ragas Surati, Maanji, Vachaspati, Saraswati Manohari and Durbar.

07-Mar 2017
Album of the Day Bharathiyaar Songs

A selection of Bharathiyaar Songs by P Unnikrishnan and others

07-Mar 2017
Artist Highlight T V Sankaranarayanan

An hour of music by the senior vocalist in connection with his birthday on March 7.

06-Mar 2017
Album of the Day Ragas Through Pallavis - III

Ragas Neelambari to Yadukula Kamboji by Neyveli R Santhanagopalan

06-Mar 2017
Album of the Day Raga Rasa - The Essence Of Melody

The Essence Of Melody

05-Mar 2017
Album of the Day Tamizh Inbam

A choicest collection of Tamizh Compositions

04-Mar 2017
Tribute M K Thyagaraja Bhagavatar

Classical film hits of the superstar in connection with his birth anniversary on March 7.

03-Mar 2017