Program Category Program Play Date
Artist Highlight Annavarapu Ramaswami

A highlight with songs featuring the veteran violinist in connection with his birthday on March 23.

22-Mar 2018
Composer Showcase Ambujam Krishna

A programme on the poet, whose lyrics are filled with heartfelt devotion.

21-Mar 2018
One Raga One Kriti Raga Behag

Prince Aswathy Tirunal Rama Varma sings Raga Behag and a rare kriti of Neelakanta Sivan.

21-Mar 2018
Feature Audava Shadava

Ragas with 5 notes in the ascending scale and 6 notes in the descending scale.

19-Mar 2018
Feature Trinity - Chittaswaras

A programme with selected compositions of the Trinity, featuring Chittaswaras.

19-Mar 2018
Tribute S Ramanathan

A tribute to Dr S Ramanathan - musician, musicologist, teacher and composer.

19-Mar 2018
Selections Kalpana Swaras

A selection of renditions with kalpana swaras passages.

19-Mar 2018
Selections Popular Compositions

A selection of a few evergreen classical compositions.

18-Mar 2018
Selections Neraval

A selection of songs with extended neraval sections.

18-Mar 2018
Kutcheri S Balachander

A concert of Tyagaraja kritis by the veena maestro.

14-Mar 2018