Program Category Program Play Date
Selections Popular Compositions

A selection of a few evergreen songs, including in ragas Hindolam, Sriranjani & Pantuvarali.

12-May 2019
Kutcheri Ramnad Krishnan

A concert by the "Musician's musician", an artiste of refined aesthetics.

08-May 2019
RTP Raga Kapi

Shertalai K N Ranganatha Sharma sings pallavi in Raga Kapi set in a complex tala.

08-May 2019
Artist Highlight Ranjani & Gayatri

An hour of music of the duo, in connection with their birthdays on May 10 and May 13.

08-May 2019
Feature Bhajans

A lighter devotional form that is now an integral part of Carnatic music.

08-May 2019
Colours of a Raga Ritigaula

A rakti raga and an ubhaya vakra janya of the 22nd melakarta, Kharaharapriya.

08-May 2019
Feature The Music Connection

Many places have become known, even famous, through their association with music and musicians.

08-May 2019
One Raga One Kriti Raga Mohanam

Palghat K V Narayanaswamy presents one of his pleasing and evocative renditions in his captivating style.

08-May 2019
Selections Ragamalika

This programme presents ragamalika compositions of various composers.

05-May 2019
Composer Showcase Muthuswami Dikshitar

A few of Muthuswami Dikshitar's less heard compositions.

05-May 2019