Program Category Program Play Date
Kshetra Chennai

Kritis on some of the temples and deities in and around Chennai.

13-Mar 2019
Selections Neraval

A selection of renditions with neraval sections.

10-Mar 2019
Selections Alapana

Renditions with alapanas in the ragas Purvikalyani, Sarasangi and Hindolam.

10-Mar 2019
Instrumental Hour Instrumental Hour

One hour of instrumental music, including a couple of rare renditions.

10-Mar 2019
Feature Multifaceted Musicians

Presenting some vocalists who can also play instruments, and vice versa.

10-Mar 2019
Artist Highlight T Muktha

A programme on the musician and teacher from the Veena Dhanammal school.

10-Mar 2019
Feature Duos in Carnatic Music

Featuring renditions by some Carnatic music duos.

10-Mar 2019
Kutcheri O S Thiagarajan

A concert by the senior musician that includes a few rare Tyagaraja kritis.

08-Mar 2019
RTP Raga Mohanam

The all-woman instrumental ensemble, Stree Taal Tarang, plays a RTP in Raga Mohanam.

08-Mar 2019
Colours of a Raga Amritavarshini

A raga that is associated with rain and is said to have brought showers when it was performed.

07-Mar 2019