Program Category Program Play Date
Artist Highlight Mullaivasal G Chandramouli

A programme in connection with the violinist's birthday on April 8.

06-Apr 2019
Feature Melakartas in Carnatic Music

The comprehensive and scientific Melakarta Raga system is unique to Carnatic music.

06-Apr 2019
Kutcheri D K Jayaraman - Concert

A concert selection by one of the most accomplished, respected and loved musicians.

06-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight Kalpakam Swaminathan

An hour of music of this veena virtuoso and repository of Dikshitar kritis.

05-Apr 2019
RTP Raga Kapi

Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar plays an RTP on the flute.

05-Apr 2019
Colours of a Raga Todi

A look at the highlights of and compositions in this raga that forms the bedrock of Carnatic music.

04-Apr 2019
Feature Mysore Composers

Kritis of composers from Mysore, a seat of Carnatic music, in connection with Navaratri.

04-Apr 2019
One Raga One Kriti Raga Mayamalavagaula

S Sowmya sings Muthuswami Dikshitar's Neelotpalamba Vibhakti kriti.

03-Apr 2019
Artist Highlight O S Thiagarajan

A feature on the senior musician in connection with his birthday on April 3.

03-Apr 2019
Composer Showcase Trinity - Vivadi Ragas

Selected songs of the trinity in vivadi ragas.

30-Mar 2019