Arabhi is one of the important janya ragas, and gains prominence also because it is one of the five ghana ragas, along with Nata, Gaula, Varali and Sri. The Pancharatna kriti, Saadinchane, however, does not use the ni in the avarohana. Raga Arabhi dates back to the 7th century. Among the panns or ragas of ancient Tamil music, it corresponds to the pann, Pazhanthakka. The raga usually has songs in the medium tempo, one of the reasons being that in the avarohana, the ni and ga are very weak and hence glided over quickly.

Some of the more popular compositions in Arabhi are Chaala Kallalaadu, Joothaamu Raare, Sri Saraswati Namostutey, and Naada Sudha Rasa, apart from, of course, Saadinchane. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer popularized Swati Tirunal's composition, Narasimha Maamava Bhagavan. Another of Swati Tirunal's compositions is the Navaratri kriti, Paahi Parvata Nandini. An interesting composition in Arabhi is Sakala Ganaadhipa of Balamuralikrishna, which has different lyrics for the pallavi for each of the refrains. The tune of Sakala Ganaadhipa is based on Swati Tirunal's composition, Sri Ramana Vibho.

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